About Us

The law offices of Lee Dobson Lee focus on delivering efficient, cost-effective legal solutions to a broad range of individual and commercial clients. The law firm continually provides outstanding results to its representative clientele, including owners of small and mid-sized businesses, title insurance companies, community banks and local real estate brokerages, as well as much larger corporations, major financial institutions and oil and gas companies.

Our goal is to provide the best legal representation available at a reasonable and fair cost to our clients. We are proud of the high legal and ethical standards we adhere to, our track record of obtaining outstanding results and the tradition of excellence we have established among our peers in the Oklahoma legal community. We believe that maintaining strong communication is essential to earning and building trust with clients, and that trust is an indispensable ingredient to any successful attorney-client relationship. With that in mind, we strive to make ourselves available to answer questions at any time, and we communicate directly and openly through various mediums of communication for the duration of a client’s case.

We handle a variety of legal issues for our clients, with particular emphasis on cases that involve real estate law, banking law, oil and gas, commercial and other complex litigation. Attorneys in our firm have further experience in representing clients involving oil and gas interests, creditors in bankruptcy, corporate organization and formation, large and small commercial transactions, basic probate and estate planning, catastrophic personal injury cases and the occasional large asset domestic litigation.

The attorneys at Lee Dobson Lee practice a broad range of services. For more information about our areas of expertise, please contact us to learn more.

We offer initial consultations free of charge and are available for evening appointments when necessary. To schedule an appointment, please send an e-mail one to of our attorneys, or call our offices directly at 405-330-0118.